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This album was created as an art project. Each song was written and recorded within one hour from start to finish.

LION vs TIGER is the solo effort of Phil Anderson Blythe (ex Medic Medic, and currently the guitar player in LAKOOKALA)


released April 2, 2012



all rights reserved


LION vs TIGER Los Angeles, California

LION vs TIGER is the solo effort of Los Angeles based artist Phil Anderson Blythe (former guitar player of Medic Medic, & bass player of LAKOOKALA.)
LION vs TIGER sings songs about girls & satan.

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Track Name: Round Circles
Oh baby, You know I'm crazy

Oh shit don't stop when you make a sound
And your cleaning off your bones & the skin that it holds
As you draw round circles, two eyes, cut out holes, that's why

Baby, you know I'm crazy
Baby, this is over

Shit don't stop me when you're making sounds
And a "please" won't help where I'm coming from
You're spinning all over their room BOOM BOOM
And once I'm done, baby, you're done
Track Name: Down By The Rail Road
She got only tricks which lead to the railroad
She's got only two things to consider
One is always better then their last job
Deep inside her coat she got something for me
I don't want you

Down by the railroad, You can carve my name

She got only touched & compared
Take it out of your pocket make it look so frail
Only when you compare your left and your right hands
I'll nail em down like a punch drunk sex slave
She don't want you pointing over there
She don't want it over there
She don't want it here
Take your clothes off, get em the fuck off

Down by the railroad, You can carve my name
Track Name: X on the Heart
She don't look so good in that dress
But She bought herself a pack of those, cigarettes

When the big man comes & takes your breath
He taps his hand on the back of your neck
Leaves his paw on the top of your gown
Walks all around like he's won your crown

She don't walk about the park or the streets
But you never know once you give her your treat

When the big man comes & takes your breath
My baby girl you've been left in a big pool of blood
Count your sins cause it's only a dream girl
Run & a run my little girl, fuck off

The big man will crawl to your room & put his hands right over your breast, that's the X
Track Name: West Train
Well she phoned & wasted her time
Brain's not working hands up on her body body

Well you want it, but you can't stop to think about it
Well you want it, but you don't want to live after it

You're free jumping from the red line, jumping to the dead line
Heart bumping bumping, there's no train coming
You can't lie when it feels so good
But you can't let go the reel, there's no home

Well you want it, but you can't think about it
You want it, but you can't live without it
You want it but you can't live with out it
You want it but you can't you can't stop thinking about him
Track Name: Village
This is the village where the Kings & Queens are living (ruling)
Track Name: It's Not Winter Here
You can't read a book and do it, I'm that crook
Your dad was sleeping, I was cleaning off the hooks
You can't two step, two step, stab me, put it your back
When you count it & you subtract what you've already done
It's your story put your boots on, foot stomp
You don't even own the boots they were an old pair
You can't really care
You can't really ever want, don't, don't start with your bullshit

You didn't even stop caring for me
You don't even stop feeling until now
You do it so well, gimmie mine, gimmie time
You don't even take care of yourself
You don't cut your hair & you don't clean yourself
& you don't show yourself to other home towns
Track Name: The Fangs
Light a candle not far from your bed
You talk bigger from where you can give me a scare
It goes
1, 2 I've got no money
3, 4 I'll pay your bills
5, 6 I've given some
7, 8 you'll get a book

I've got no horns, She's got your blood cells
Got my servings, She's got no pills
You've got no soul, She's got no companion

Push it, son you're a man
Worms go all thru your head
Your heat stops, starts pumping junk
Your heartache gets cold

You took my pills, You lie so still
She's got no soul, I've got no brain
You've got no heart, I've got these fangs
You took my soul, & got my bones
Track Name: Pretty Things
You're pretty in a new kind of way
& it shows on your face when you're decked out on the streets
You don't need my money
For your clothes & a life of wealth bought right

Pour yourself a drink
Let's go to the party where we all have designer clothes
You're pretty in a new kind of way
You can see it on your face when you're dancing on the street
You're pretty in a new kind of way
You can see it on their faces when you pass them on the streets
You don't look twice before you cross the street
Then you're thrown into a gutter
This life was never guaranteed
Track Name: Little Turns
You can't really be a good child
Break into the female territory
You want to fix something

You can't stop us when you're down, down

You could've showed me your love spot
With the world turning over
You called in to stop
You can't do it do it
You can't get off alone
You can't feel good
You can't fuck alone, down down

You can't be serious when you're so dumb
You can't hear us when you're dumb dumb
You can't stop us when you're down down

Well make this kinda tough
When you look around
It's never gonna be the same
I never got your name
I really want to know what you think about me
Who, her, oh no no, sorry
Track Name: This Ends Here
Baby I'm sad you're leaving
And maybe, by this evening
I'll row my boat out to

Deep in the ocean, where the waves keep me going
With a little devotion we can make more time together
It's a big blue ocean where the wave becomes the pusher
Back & forth & you can't keep north
And Oh I know what you thought about me

Baby, I am waving
Why don't you save me
What you think is I am fearless
But I'm really just too wasted
Why would you fool me
When I know my soul don't get

Down by the ocean, it's a wave of emotion
If you're feeling scared then you're pulling through
We'll row in four's, it's a beat we've heard before
Sit somewhere the boat's in float
Down by the ocean it's the waves that keep us going
When it comes to my soul, baby you're my home